On the peaks of the Valle d’Aosta the snow has returned, while on the trails of Brazil the mountain running season is ready to begin, with the first round of the VK Open Championships, the prestigious international circuit of the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) that also includes the vertical of Monte Zerbion. On 23 February, the Base Vertical will be run, the inaugural round of the circuit, which will subsequently make stops in Portugal (2 March), Spain (28 April) and then come to Valle d’Aosta for the only Italian date. 

In Châtillon, with little more than three months to go, the organisation of the third edition of the Monte Zerbion Skyrace, scheduled for 18 May, is already in full swing. In addition to the 9.5-kilometre vertical, which will award the first Jean Pellissier Memorial and will be valid for the VK Open Championships, three other trials will take place on the challenging trails leading to the Zerbion. In the vertical sphere, the 5.5-kilometre race with arrival in Nissod has been confirmed, which from this year will be open to athletes of all ages, as well as remaining a trial for athletes with disabilities and a stage of the Coppa Italia Giovani.

As for the skyraces, trailers will be able to choose between the 22-kilometre race with passage at the summit of the Zerbion (proof of the Crazy Skyrunning Italy Cup Fisky circuit, which also awards the Vicquéry memorial to the best youngster) and the 18-kilometre race with a turnaround in the ‘Francou’ alpine pasture area. Both races will start and return to Châtillon, where the village will be set up, the prize-giving area and the great final party, now a tradition.

The organisers, who are aiming to make the event more and more international and to highlight the territory and the peculiarities of Châtillon and the entire Aosta Valley, have decided to raise the bar even higher and to set a prize money of 7,000 euro, which will be divided between the best athletes of the 22-kilometre skyrace and the 9.5-kilometre vertical. 

Those aiming to discover Châtillon and the village of Chameran, while allowing themselves some tasty breaks, can instead choose the 5-kilometre Randò enogastronomic, a non-competitive walk open to all.

In the meantime, these are the last days to take advantage of the subsidised rate, valid until 15 February. From the following day, all fees will be increased by 5 euros. Registration on the wedosport.net website will remain open until 12 May.